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Meet Our Most Popular Cutout Character of 2017! Blog Header

It’s official: beards are in. We ran the numbers and the most downloaded cutout character of 2017 is Dennis!

Dennis saying "aww shucks"

Dennis is available in over 500 poses with three different outfits, two casual and one business. Poses include Dennis with a backpack, Dennis using a tablet, Dennis in an office chair, and your standard poses without props. You can’t go wrong with his friendly face in your eLearning content. I mean, look at that grin! It’s no wonder Dennis was our top downloaded character this year.

Dennis sitting in office chair with hand raised    Dennis with backpack and pointing

Take a look at the rest of the poses Dennis is rocking, or peruse the rest of the Cutout People Library. Did you use Dennis in any projects this year? Who do you think will be our most popular character next year? Tell us in the comments below!


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