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You know what they say—“new year, new styles!” Wait, that’s not the expression? Well, around here it is because we’ve added two new Styles to the eLearning Brothers Template Library and that’s just the beginning. You’re going to want to check these out!

A Style is a design template family. Each Style features layouts, interactions, games—all created with the same look so they work cohesively together. We are pouring our energy into creating and optimizing these core layout groups for the latest versions of all your favorite authoring tools.

Let’s talk details. Each Style includes 31 different layouts and interactions to give to you the variety you need to create multiple courses with a consistent look and feel.

  • 10 Click to Reveals
  • 6 Drag & Drops
  • 1 Layout (25+ screens)
  • 1 Quiz (7 screens)
  • Various scenarios, timelines, games, and knowledge checks

Just like our other templates that you’ve come to know and love, everything is as customizable and editable as possible. When possible, graphics are included as custom shapes instead of PNGs, and we’ve built these files to work with Captivate 17’s fluid boxes and Lectora’s Responsive Course Design. Animations and design have all been optimized for HTML5-only output.

There are two of these new Style families in the Template Library now, Shamrock and New Stone, with ten more in production now and tons more planned. Here are a couple examples of our new Styles:
shamrock click to reveal

Icon Tabs Click to Reveal from Shamrock Style

new stone drag n drop

Matching Interaction from New Stone Style

Take a look at the full Styles in the Template Library and let us know what you think!


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