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We have been busy here at eLearning Brothers. It has been about a month and a half since the last Cutout People update and boy oh boy do we have some surprises for you! We have added over 8,800 new cutout people to the library! And not just your ordinary business and casual outfits, but completely new outfits and poses. Check em’ out.


Getting models dressed up as doctors or nurses isn’t too new for eLearning Brothers. Still, we haven’t done it in a while, and these last photo shoots refresh the library with new models to choose from. The surprise comes in the new 96 new poses and two new props we created/used for these model doctors. The new poses include digital X-Rays and clipboards. Each prop has 48 poses ranging from presenting X-Rays to offering paperwork to sign. We took into account how the cutouts would be used and created new poses that would apply to both the medical field, and benefit online presentations.


For the first time in eLearning Brothers history we have added Chef models. Prior to this, we added servers and waiters but never chefs. We didn’t take the big fancy chef hat approach, but a more realistic approach to what a chef would actually wear (don’t worry the big poofy chef’s hat isn’t completely off the table). Similar to doctors, we have added over 70 new poses and two new props specific to the food industry (and even more specific to chefs).

And if you don’t need any of our 1500+ chef or doctor cutout people we still have over 7,000 business, casual, and student cutouts that will meet your needs. Check back every month to catch the monthly Cutout People upload. If you have any suggestions for future cutouts, comment below or send an email to photos@elearningbrothers.com.

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