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When using Camtasia Studio for your how-to video, you may not see an immediate need for a cutout people library—especially one that has thousands and thousands of images in it like the one here at eLearning Brothers. For many Camtasia users, this gigantic library of images is not being tapped, an enormous asset being left by the wayside, a mammoth collection of potential that is not being reached, merely because no use can be found for them.

Well I’m here to tell you that there are many cool ways to use cutout people, even/especially in a screencast.

Highlight any one particular on-screen item                          

Let’s say I’m working on a sceencast on how to sign up for the Free Template Library on the eLearning Brothers website. This requires a certain number of precise clicks and navigations with the mouse. Sure, a traditional screencast shows those mouse movements, and Camtasia has lots of fun effects you can put on your mouse to ensure that your audience doesn’t lose track of where you’re clicking. But what if there is something super important? Or what if there is something on the page that you want to be highlighted and circling it with the mouse a few times just doesn’t do it justice? What if you want to look better than Mr. Average Joe? (Sorry, Mr. Joe.)

You can use a cutout person!

Highlight GIF

Pick one where the person is pointing. Pick one where the person is holding up a frame. Pick one where the person is super excited about what was just said. These people can fly in, just appear, grow, shrink, or do all sorts of things. The power is yours!

Give accolades for good progress or a correct answer

Let’s say I’m working on an interactive course and I want to reward my viewer with a smiling face or a visual pat on the back. Many people will use a well-placed “great job” or “correct,” but sometimes you want a little more oomph, don’t you?

You can use a cutout person!


Pick one that is happy. Pick one that is ecstatic. Pick one that is reaching out through the screen to high five your learner. There are so many options, the hardest part of spicing up your course rewards will be picking your favorite cutout person!

To stand in for the teacher

No, I don’t mean that the AI’s are taking people’s jobs from them or sending robots back in time. I mean that sometimes it’s good to have a visual representation of the instructor in a course. You don’t have to worry about taking some great glamor shots of yourself or worry about your audience becoming entranced in your good looks rather than learning from your video course. No, I mean have a great-looking and professional representation of your instructor. But, how?

You can use a cutout person!


Pick one that is professional. Pick one that is goofy. Pick one that is mature in age. Pick something that properly represents your course and make them an integral part of your project! If you want to make it feel even more like the cutout person is actually giving the course, Camtasia has many different styles of speech bubbles already built into their asset library.

To demonstrate a scenario

Need to teach someone what a water cooler conversation looks like in the office? What about how to speak in certain client conversations? Maybe you need to highlight some pieces of vocabulary in your industry. Wouldn’t it just be great if you could demonstrate these scenarios on screen?  Wouldn’t showing people have conversations be so much more influential than making a set of slides?

You can use cutout people!

Scenario GIF

With such a large library of cutout people images, this may seem difficult, but eLearning Brothers also offers plenty of scenario templates to choose from! We’re working to reduce your time spent searching for the perfect images and stances by selecting a set that works great, giving you speech bubbles to work with, and an appropriate background!  Can it get much easier?

To give visual commentary on what is being said

In my first example, I was doing a screencast showing how to sign up for the Free Template Library. Free assets are kind of a big deal; I will for sure want something to boost that idea. I could have the word “FREE” pop and flash on screen.

Or I could use a cutout person!

Commentary GIF

There are many excited poses to pick from in the cutout people library, and selecting several of them to pop out at the right time will add the hype that I want in my video. “This template library is free! *and the cutout people go wild*”

Bottom line? Cutout people are a powerful and versatile tool that can change the quality of almost any production for the better! Whether you are using them to point out important information, stand in for an instructor, or just give commentary on the subject matter, you can count on cutout people to be an asset that will ramp up your course, business, and life! The entire Cutout People Library is available in some of our Camtasia Template packages, so come check them out!

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