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ispring talkmaster

iSpring, a very powerful PowerPoint add-in has turned an amazing presentation tool into an awesome learning engine. Of all the features that iSpring adds to PowerPoint, the TalkMaster has to be the deepest most powerful of them all. The iSpring TalkMaster debuted with iSpring 8 Suite in October of 2015 and was a huge success among eLearning specialists. To put it simply, this feature allow you to build complex branching conversations that push the boundaries of electronic learning/training. I will be going through step by step and demonstrating how to create a simple branching conversation.

The first step is a very simple step that can be just a little bit misdirecting if you are not very familiar with the tool. To access the iSpring TalkMaster, you need to click on the Simulation tab within the ribbon menu for the iSpring Suite. This will bring up a window for you to create a new TalkMaster Simulation.


The next step is to start a new scene and decide how you want to start your branching conversation. To do that you click on New Scene and a box will pop up with various fields to fill out. There is a place to change the character’s emotion and the image you would like to use. When you click on the box to add a character set, you can choose his standing emotion and a background to go with your character. There are many built-in character sets to choose from, complete with 5 emotions each.




Once you have chosen the character and background you want to use, now you need to insert the text you would like to use. Once you choose how the character introduces himself, you can now add multiple replies for the user to choose from. Instead of inserting replies, you can also insert messages. These are usually used to finish off the conversation with a “Good job!” or, “You’re fired.”


Once you have the responses typed up, you can now lay out the responses and questions by dragging the link icon in any direction. And once you have a fully developed conversation you can easily look at the “tree of responses” and know exactly what is happening. That is the most innovative part of the iSpring TalkMaster; usually with branching scenarios and conversations, the user/developer gets lost and forgets what stage of the conversation he is at and what is going to happen at the end, depending on the responses chosen.


After you pulled the responses away from the initial statement, you can now choose the reaction and reply from the “boss” by clicking on either of the blue boxes (the reply boxes) and select the emotion that will be displayed by the character and his response. This process repeats for every statement and reply until you have a complete conversation that is totally interactive. The possibilities and applications are literally numberless.


iSpring’s TalkMaster sets them apart from other eLearning and training platforms. No other company, let alone “Add-In” has made branching so easy. You can even quiz via the TalkMaster! Go try it out; download the free trial and start developing eLearning awesomeness! Leave a note in the comment section below how the TalkMaster has opened up your development.

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