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eLearning Templates

Early in my eLearning career my manager brought me a CD trial of a software application that made interactions and games. They were really templates. I remember my frustration with this application when I tried to make modifications to the templates. I wasn’t able to delete one of the questions. I struggled to find a way to change the button color. I simply felt too restricted and, needless to say, I didn’t make the purchase of the software.

The concept of using templates for eLearning intrigued me though, and I knew I just needed to find a better way to execute them. In this post, I’d like to share some thoughts on what makes an awesome eLearning template.

When I speak with others about eLearning Templates, I sometimes hear one-word responses: restrictive, boring, limited, or simple. The beauty about a template is that it can really be whatever YOU want it to be. YOU can define what it is.

10 Things that Make an Awesome eLearning Template

Let’s define what makes a good template:

  1. Tool Editable: Develop it in your software application. This will make it easier to change colors and other modifications.
  2. It Works: Test and make sure it works before others reproduce it.
  3. Source Files: Include all necessary files to edit and modify.
  4. Practical Use: Only spend the time on templates where there are multiple uses for.
  5. Feature Flexibility: Provide as many options and features as possible (changing # of questions, scores, timers, etc.).
  6. Color Flexibility: Develop easy ways to rebrand all objects.
  7. Awesome Graphics: Make it look cool.
  8. Easy to Use: Develop for the lowest skill level so all team members can use.
  9. Consistency: Be consistent with the use of colors, font, text size, borders, etc.
  10. Tutorials: Provide quick and easy tutorials on how to use the files.


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eLearning Templates

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