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Looking at the Jewel Camtasia TemplateIn the ever-growing eLearning Brothers Camtasia template library, we have some of the best eLearning video templates on the planet! I can say that with confidence, because, well, just look at them! These are professionally designed assets that are extremely easy to import into your Camtasia project.

Today let’s dig in and look at the Jewel theme. This is a theme that was designed and released for Camtasia 9 utilizing the new behaviors and animation features.

Here is one of the two intros. The crystal-like shape Grows into a shimmering rock background with a crisp text banner slid over it. After due time, the crystal shatters into pieces, and falls away into oblivion.

Jewel Intro 1

Here is one of the two layouts. Each ribbon of information has a colorized crystal shape shimmering at the top. The carefully placed text appears on screen with a new Camtasia 9 behavior.

Jewel Layout 1

Here is one of the two lower thirds. These are designed to be colorful additions to your video, ready for your test to be added. You’ll find two different kinds, making it easy for you to find the exactly lower thirds graphic that you need.

Jewel Lower Thirds 1

Here is the half graphic. It slides in from the side allowing your video to take up half of the screen, while you place your info in the template.

Jewel Half

These are video templates, made with great animations and behaviors. If you’d like to see these visually aesthetic templates in action, here’s a demo video utilizing the entire theme. And don’t forget to take a look at the other Camtasia templates that are available in our Camtasia Template library.

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