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As you may already know, we have been making some fun templates for the eLearning Template Library. All of our members enjoy premium eLearning Templates that can take your eLearning blah to BLING! Some of the templates below may not look like much without any content to support learning objectives, but once you make your changes natively, you’ll see it’s a huge time saver. In this post, I want to go quickly through these new eLearning Templates with the Cross Train theme. Enjoy!

Cross Train: Page Layout

The page layout is an eLearning asset meant to design the look and feel of your course environment. It’s meant to work as a theme for your entire course. Each one of these page layouts includes over 100 pages you can choose from. Here is just an idea of what this looks like below. Feel free to see more Page Layout Templates here.

186649  CrossTrain Storyline Layout_layout

CrossFit Storyline Layout
Interaction: Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing interaction is a click to reveal template. Click a kettlebell and see more content available for your learners.

Athletic Cutout People Images

Athletic Cutout People Images are a perfect asset to be used in the Cross Train environment. Click here to learn more about Cutout People Images.



186659-CrossTrain-PowerPoint-Layout_v7Interaction: Rope Climb


Interaction: Tire Dragger

This interaction is a drag and drop. Simply grab a tire and drop it on the correct target zone.


eLearning Game: Marathon

The Marathon Challenge game has been a favorite of ours for some time. This game is available to any member of the eLearning Template Library. As you can see, we branded this eLearning game to live inside our Cross Train environment. Learn more about eLearning Games here.

186681  CrossTrain Storyline Course Starter_game

eLearning Course Starter: Cross Train

Finally, this eLearning Course Starter is a collection of all the templates we previously discussed into one awesome template. Learn more about eLearning Course Starters here.

186686  Mountain Ascent Storyline Course Starter

We used Articulate Storyline in the examples above, but stay tuned because we are rolling out with the Cross Train theme to each authoring tool.

Resources used with these templates:


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