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elearning medical images

As was mentioned in a recent post, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that between 2014 and 2024, medical careers will increase by almost 20 percent. With so many new medical professionals emerging in the coming years, now is an excellent opportunity to think about medical eLearning. Someone needs to train all those newbies, right?

Now you can get in on the action because we have a treasure trove of medical stock assets in our library to add to your collection.

Anatomy Images



A crucial part of medical training is an understanding of human anatomy. To that end, we have high definition images of most of the major human organs, each from various different angles. Each image is PNG, so no more worries for you when it comes time to place the organ in question on your own background.

You might want to use them as simple illustrations for an introductory slide in your learning course. Or, since each image is high definition, you could also zoom in to a particular region of the organ, or even add labels the various parts to more fully explain its different structures and functions.

Body Systems


When multiple organs join together to help accomplish the same bodily function, they form a body system. High-quality images of these systems can work wonders for contextualizing the different organs by purpose and where they fit in the body. As with individual organs, we have various quality images of all the major body systems, including a full skeleton, complete nervous system, digestive tract, and several others.

Medical Environment Images


It’s a good idea to get medical professionals familiar with the kind of environment they’re going to be working in. These medical environments do just that and more. They work well as background elements of medical courses, showing important training information in the context of the room it’s relevant to. Doing a course on a operation procedures? Use the operating room background. Talking about triage? Place it in the emergency room. Want to talk about bedside manner? Take things to the patient’s room.
These medical environments are also very compatible with our wide selection of medical cutout characters, from doctors and nurses to patients. They look quite natural together, and with a little skill, you can convince even yourself that the characters are actually in those environments.

If you are designing a course for this vertical and need some good medical images, look no further. Check out our medical stock photos today!

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