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The medical profession is perhaps one of the oldest still in existence. Of all occupations, it has probably advanced the most, from the dark days of bloodletting and humorism, to an era of penicillin, vaccines, and MRI body imaging.

As long as humans keep getting sick and injured (being human), there is going to be a need for medical professionals in some form or another. So what’s a better way to continue advancing the futuristic field of medicine than to use the futuristic field of eLearning to inform the tide of new professionals continuously entering the medical workforce?


9212996-web-Chantel       9212961-web-Chantel 9212937-web-Chantel

No medical establishment is complete without doctors. They have the most expertise and years of schooling, and they make the big important decisions vis-à-vis the patient’s care. Chantel is one of our many doctor characters, possessing an air of confidence and professionalism expected from a medical professional.


9209978-web-Roberta 9209929-web-Roberta


Nurses probably interact with the patient more than anyone else. The doctor makes the orders, but it’s often a nurse who sets things in motion, carrying out the actual treatment. They monitor a patient’s symptoms and administer aid when necessary, alerting the doctor when an emergency situation develops. Roberta has a warm and inviting demeanor, equally approachable as she is skilled at her craft.


9202405-web-Chen 9202443-web-Chen


Once samples and data have been collected, somebody needs run experiments and interpret the information to make judgements on a patient’s care. That somebody is a lab technician, like Chen here. Chen has the buttoned-up and formal appearance that behooves a scientist, and based on body language alone, he seems to know what he’s talking about.


33695-web-Earnest  33644-web-Earnest    

If you have no patients, you have no hospital. Our cutout character Earnest makes for a good generic patient. Aside from the crutches and hospital gown, he looks pretty healthy, so you can assign him just about any symptoms that fit your eLearning scenarios, and the final product will remain coherent.

Find these and other medical cutout characters in our Cutout People Library today!

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