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It’s no sham…Lectora users loved the Shamrock Template Style the most.


This lucky little template style brings the luck of the Irish to eLearning developers. In true eLearning rockstar fashion, it’s easy to customize for your needs because you get all the source files for each layout you download. Plus, the entire Shamrock Template Style is designed as one cohesive look, so you can mix and match layouts with confidence.


Examples of Shamrock templates for Lectora


As with all our new Template Styles, Shamrock includes everything you need to quickly create a course—knowledge checks, different layouts, interactions, and more. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 10 Click to Reveals
  • 6 Drag & Drops
  • 1 Layout (25+ screens)
  • 1 Quiz (7 screens)
  • Various scenarios, timelines, games, and knowledge checks


Here are a few examples of different templates available in the Shamrock style for Lectora.


Branching Email Scenario

Sample of Shamrock branching email template for Lectora


This template is a great way to simulate a scenario where the learner must read and respond to an email.


Click to Reveal: Hub

Sample of Shamrock for Lectora, a click to reveal


This hub click to reveal interaction for Lectora Inspire 17 and Lectora Online is perfect for helping you get started with a new course. Use it to help chunk large amounts of information into different topics or show a close relationship between multiple concepts.


Branching Read & Select Scenario

Sample of Shamrock branching read to select template for Lectora


Sometimes a scenario is a little more complicated and needs additional information. This template gives you the opportunity to provide that information and verify if the learner would like to continue with the current course of action.


Go take a look at the rest of the Shamrock Template Style for Lectora in the eLearning Brothers Template Library now.


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