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Lectora User Conference

The 2015 Lectora User Conference is just around the corner, and so far the upcoming sessions look very impressive. You should attend every session but before you start deciding which Lectora User Conference Sessions to go to, there are two sessions by Adam Leibler I strongly suggest you attend this year. Adam is a Lectora expert and you won’t regret attending, especially, if you are interested in mobile learning or making great 508 courses.

  • Turn Your 508 Courses into 508-GREAT Courses with the eLearning Brothers
  • Creating Interactive, Immersive Learning for PC and Mobile Use

Here are more details on what you can expect to learn from these sessions.

Turn Your 508 Courses into 508-GREAT Courses

Many developers hear the words “accessible,” “WCAG,” or “508” and just cringe, but that shouldn’t be the case. Understanding what 508 compliance is (and what it is not) and knowing the tools you have in Lectora will help you create and deploy courses that are both fun and engaging for ALL your learners. We’ll experience a course using assistive technology devices, look into the resources available to you as developers, and then pull up some content and both jazz it up AND make it accessible at the same time. And with a few standard workflow changes, you’ll be able to do the same for any course you create.

Creating Interactive, Immersive Learning for PC and Mobile Use

When you see learning content that looks like a high production video game or a Hollywood movie that works on both mobile and PC platforms, it can appear as sorcery. But really, it starts with nothing more than detailed planning and design, smart use of the platform variable, and maybe a little “Lectora Magic.” We’ll cover these topics along with common problems like “iOS doesn’t let you auto-play” and “I get screen jitter on mobile devices,” including other savory morsels of how to create cross-platform courses that are immersive, interactive, and engaging. People will be calling you a wizard in no time.

The LUC2015 conference is being held April 29 – 30, so there is still time to register and attend. Did I mention? This conference is going to be held in the heart of downtown Nashville at the new Music City Center. Are you going to #LUC2015? Let us know in the comments below. Hope to see y’all there.

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