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I recently attended the Lectora User’s Conference held in Los Angeles and it was one of the most unique and intimate experiences I’ve had.  It was my first LUC, so I had no frame of reference — like a blank .AWT file I was ready for input!

Opening Night


Trivantis Corporation knows how to put on a show!  The red carpet opening reception was a blast!  When I showed up with five of my fellow brothers sporting our orange t-shirts with black tuxedo jackets (with tails) and orange top hats we were warmly received – it felt like a party with friends that I did not know I had.  I had a sense of belonging to a tight-knit group as we danced with Lectora users from all over the world. It was awesome!

The #Broband

As you may or may not know, anyone who comes by our booth, at any conference, gets one of our nifty #BroBands. The magical thing is if we find you are wearing our awesome #BroBand we reward you with a #TwoDollaHolla. Then we take a picture of you and put you in our family scrapbook (social media).  See all the conference photos on Facebook. Here are a few of the #BroBand pictures we posted:

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Lectora User Conference Sessions

Since we were sponsors / exhibitors for the conference we were mostly at the booth, but I did get a chance to sneak away for a couple of sessions. I was so impressed with the Zombie Apocalypse session conducted by seasoned training professionals from a healthcare organization.  My background is instructional design, so I loved the creative energy of a smart idea that was brought to life using Lectora.  As the ladies walked us through the process from design through development and implementation at their business I was struck by the sophisticated yet simple functionality that Lectora Inspire afforded.  One of the presenters said several times, “There’s many ways to do [this] or [that] in Lectora, but I chose to go this route.”  It was cool to see a “boots-on-the ground” perspective of the many options Lectora provides — from using variables to simple page construction and image manipulation.  These two professionals made a big difference for their company!

Become a Lectora Rock Star Session Recap


If you missed the Become a Lectora Rock Star session Hollywood, CA, it was a blast!

Brother Adam gave everyone a tour of the eLearning Template Library, which has thousands of templates, interactions, themes, cutout people images, and graphics available for Lectora. He talked a little about why you would want to use templates in your development process and the benefits you gain from doing so.

He then opened up a brand-new, fresh, empty Lecotra title and used the assets from the template library, and built the skeleton of a complete eLearning course start to finish in about an hour.

Here is how he did it. He downloaded and used a custom theme, made a simple welcome page, an interactive objectives page, ten pages of “static” content, two pages of complex interactions, and an HTML5 game. Then he added cutout people images to the pages to act as “guide” during the course. The only changes that would need to be made to make this a complete, functional, custom course would be to standardize the colors to your company brand, add the text content (by copy and paste), and add any additional graphics.


#GoldenTicket Winner

At the end of each conference, we hold a #GoldenTicket drawing to give away free five years to the eLearning Template Library.

IMG_0049 IMG_0050

Final Thoughts

The entire conference was a great experience – right down to the closing session and evening reception on the rooftop of the Beverly Hills Hilton. I could feel the excitement ripple through the room as details of Lectora Inspire 12 were revealed – I learned that Lectora users love their tools!  They are skilled and loyal to Lectora because of its breadth and depth of functional flexibility.  I feel proud to be part of the Lectora community!


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