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Guest blog post by Jennifer Valley. She is an Instructional Designer with five years of experience. She enjoys blogging, talking on social media, and researching.


It’s 4:00 and your course has to be in the LMS by 4:30 for an important check-in point with the department head and SME.  You’re doing one final quality check when you hear the ding of a new email. It’s an email from Marketing. The branding standard for this department was changed the other day and the course background MUST be updated before any additional reviews. Relax! You know how to update backgrounds in Lectora, don’t you? No! We’ll let’s learn how you can do that.

From the Design tab, you can access the Title Background section. From here, you can use the Background Wizard, change the color, use an image as a background, and add a sound to a page.

Background Wizard

To make a universal change, access the Background Wizard and on the Scope of the background screen,  check the “All pages in the title” before selecting the Next button.

Scope of the background

Still within the Background Wizard but now on the Type of background screen select the appropriate option. In the example course, it’s a solid background so we’ll select that option and then select Next.

Type of Background

From the Solid Color screen, select the color from the available options or select the Custom option to enter a specific RGB value, then select Finish.

Solid Color

Change the Color

To change a single page’s color select the Color drop down, while on the page and make your choice.

Image and Sound

To change a single page’s background to an image or insert a sound, select the Image drop-down while on that page.

  • Use the Browse for Files option to open a local file.
  • Use the Browse My Media to open Lectora’s Media Library.
  • Or select an image that is already associated with the course.

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