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In the second century A.D., the Chinese pioneered an innovative new medium for art and the written word. By flattening a pulp of wood fibers, they were able to create a material the modern world takes very much for granted: paper.

In salute to that invention that precipitated our era of modern thought and innovation, today we’d like to feature some beautiful Lectora templates that showcase the simple charm of a substance so lovely, we devote our first wedding anniversaries to it.

Treasure Map


Send your learners on a great adventure and allow them to gaze at this, the most coveted of ancient papers: a treasure map! With the weathered and faded aesthetic of an old-timey map, this branching scenario is a perfect way to give your eLearning an old-world flair with new-world technology. The map looks like it has survived years of punishment; beaten, crumpled, and aged to nearly to the point of disintegration.

File Folder


A fan favorite, File Folder is a versatile template that can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to introduce learners to new people and concepts through an unfolding file of pertinent facts and figures. As has been pointed out in the past, this template can easily be made into a spy-themed template with a few simple artistic touches, like red “Top Secret” stamps, redactions, etc.



Examine your correspondence with our branching Mail scenario template. With every message you receive you have a few choices on how to respond. Respond wisely, and you will be rewarded in spades for your business aplomb.

To find these and other great Lectora templates, check out our Lectora Template Library and put pencil to paper today!

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