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Jewels and crystals have captured the human imagination ever since we unearthed that first sparkling gem. The geometric shapes seem to bring an odd sort of order to the seemingly chaotic natural world around them.

Over the years, we’ve placed considerable value on jewels, whether it be because of their rarity, utility, or even just their aesthetic qualities. We’ve placed such a high value on them in fact, that there are even tales of diamond-cutters fainting due to the adrenaline surge coursing through their bodies after cutting a particularly pricey specimen.

Our Cut theme in the Lectora template library takes an aesthetic cue from the slick geometric facets of a fresh cut jewel in a kaleidoscopic display of blues and greens. Rest assured that, with these sharp-looking templates, your course will be a cut above the rest.

Millionaire Challenge

Screenshot 2016-04-29 12.57.50

A recent addition to the Cut family of templates, is Millionaire Challenge. Based on the popular “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” game show, this Lectora game template asks a series of multiple-choice questions, each worth an increasing amount of points, with three free hints throughout the course of the game. Each correct answer rewards learners with bundles of animated cash cascading into an open briefcase.

Conversational Scenario

Screenshot 2016-04-29 11.29.21

A good conversational scenario template is versatile for a variety of purposes. This template involves two of our cutout characters: Tasha and Forrest. With various expressions and poses, you can easily create any kind of conversation you wish and branch it in multiple different directions. If these characters aren’t appropriate to your course, we have an extensive library of characters in our Cutout People library waiting for your next project.


Screenshot 2016-04-29 12.29.40

This simple drag and drop interaction asks learners to sort the appropriate answer tiles to their respective questions. Not only is it an easy and familiar concept, but this template also has a highly intuitive remediation page, letting learners know straight away what they got right and what they need to try again at.

For these chiseled templates and others like them, check out our Lectora templates today and download one of our many jewels!

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