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With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, our minds are turned to the rich history and heritage of Ireland and all of it’s symbolism. One iconic image that springs to mind in modern times is that of a bright rainbow stretching across the sky, meeting the earth at some point, and at that intersection lay a pot of gold coins.

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, today we’re featuring 6 Lectora templates that prominently feature one of each color on the rainbow.


Business 06 is a smart-looking template, featuring smiling professional faces, accented by translucent reds and classy sans-serif titles.


With brilliant orange and contrasting purple accents, Ask an Expert allows you to see a team of people at a glance and get more specific info about each of them with one click.


This yellow Branching Scenario tackles the topic of professional conduct and relationships in the workplace. Join characters Alex and Marisa as they navigate the twists and turns of proper workplace etiquette.


Like a four-leaf clover, Business 05 is green through and through. A beautiful cityscape stretching skyward with a faded green tint, is highly indicative of the business and financial worlds, which comes in hand when talking about subjects like economics, banking, stock markets, and much more.


Much like our orange Ask an Expert template, this New Stone expert-panel template allows the user to pick the brains of multiple specialists but with the twist of placing the experts vertically on the left side. For those whose native language reads left to right, this visually flows very well, as they’ll naturally look first at the the top left of the frame and move down and right from there.


With a deep, regal purple, Vibe allows for a relaxed mood while the learner reads through the individual tabs. The rippling texture of the background is reminiscent of rolling water or flowing fabric, giving the learner the ultimate visual sense of luxury.

To find more fantastic Lectora templates, head to the end of the rainbow yourself and search through our abundant Lectora Template Library. Until next time, “Top of the morning to you!”

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