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Lectora Layouts Rich With the Luck of the Irish Blog Header

Saint Patrick’s Day is approaching and that means it’s time to infuse your Lectora eLearning layouts with Irish charm—and maybe a pot of gold at the end. And if you can’t get the budget for a pot of gold, a bowl of Lucky Charms is pretty much the same thing…right?

The eLearning Brothers Template Library is chock full of awesome templates, including some that are just perfect for making your eLearning content Irish for the day. If you haven’t checked out our new Style, Shamrock, you are missing out.

Shamrock comes in 30+ different layouts, interactions, and knowledge checks. There are no actual shamrocks in the design, so it’s perfect for year-round eLearning development AND for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. Take a look at a couple of the different templates in the Shamrock style:

Shamrock Style Starter 4-Tab Click to Reveal

shamrock 4 tab click to reveal

This tabbed interaction template is a great way to chunk large amounts of information into different topics, explain a step by step process, or show off potential consequences to a situation.

Shamrock Style Read & Select Scenario

shamrock read and select

Sometimes you want to be able to provide extra information about a scenario. This template gives you the opportunity to provide that information and verify if the learner would like to continue with the current course of action.

Another great template option with some Irish green is the Cut design. The colors in this one remind me of the beautiful landscapes along the Irish coast.

Cut Tabs Left

cut tabs

This is a click and reveal interaction template. Users interact with your content by clicking on the buttons to reveal the desired info.

Cut Title Layout

This project has several pre-designed title layouts to choose from. You can copy and paste any of the layouts into an existing Lectora project.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and get your Irish on with these Lectora layouts.

There are even more options where these came from! Check out all the great templates and assets you can use to enhance your next eLearning project:


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