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lectora games

One of the best ways an instructor can get a large group of learners engaged and interested in the material is to offer an activity that the entire class can participate in. We as humans are social creatures, so it stands to reason that interpersonal interaction along with some friendly competition can create a fertile learning environment.

You may remember one of your grade school teachers dividing the room in half and holding an impromptu quiz challenge, the two halves of the class vying for academic dominance, and perhaps a Tootsie Roll for their efforts.

Ever since eLearning found its way into classrooms and training sessions around the world, eLearning templates have helped to facilitate these group activities, turning even the lowest budget class into a something that rivals a network game show!

Today, we wanted to give a little taste of some of our best Lectora game templates that are fun for the whole class.



The go-to game for any instructor. This simple game, with similar gameplay to Jeopardy, is a handy and familiar tool for getting everyone involved by introducing just the right amount of game mechanics into the training.

Popular Choice

Popular Choice

Popular Choice is a survey-based game much like the old classic Family Feud. It’s great for introducing a new concept and getting the learners’ feet wet. A multi-answered question is posed, and the learners are tasked with guessing what a survey of 100 people yielded. But be forewarned: 3 incorrect answers, and it’s all over!


lectora trivia game

This is your standard, multiple choice quiz game. Trivia allows the learners apply their new knowledge in a friendly, yet flashy, way.


Parachute  Storyline Game

Parachute is our brand-new game template following a parachutist gliding over shark-infested waters. Much like the classic game Hangman, several empty boxes are shown and the learner guesses letters one at a time to fill them in. For every incorrect guess, however, the tension mounts as each of the parachute cords break sending our hero to certain doom.

Have a little class and check out these Lectora games and more in our Lectora Template Library!

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