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Just recently, we launched a product that would revolutionize the eLearning and training industries. It was called Customizable Courseware. Like most off-the-shelf courses out there, Customizable Courseware contains an ILT course curriculum as well as a SCORM Compliant eLearning course packaged ready to be inserted into your LMS. But unlike every canned course out there, on download you will receive every single asset our developers and content specialists used to create these amazing courses. And not only will you receive all the assets used in its creation, but the courses were built (and are continuing to be built) with you in mind. We know how much branding and customizability means to trainers and presenters, and that knowledge has been a huge factor in how we build and even name our products (Customizable Courseware!!).

We are always working and pushing to make sure you can get the most out of our libraries. In conjunction with this, we are reviewing one of the courses available in our Professional Soft Skills Library that is available right now. It is titled Negotiation Skills. Let’s dive into it.

Negotiate for Agreement:

When I think of negotiating, I get a bad taste in my mouth and remember all the times I tried to convince my parents to let me stay out longer with my friends on school nights. Negotiation for most people can be a very negative experience, and these emotions can have a huge impact on your ability to negotiate properly and with a positive outcome. This course’s main objective is to teach you what it means to negotiate and to negotiate for a Win-Win outcome. The easiest way to teach a good behavior is to give an example of the inverse and talk about what could be done better. In order to do that, our Instructional Designers and Developers have inserted negotiation examples that have “gone wrong.” This creates a problem for your audience that they might not have already had and it suddenly becomes a personal matter that they need to solve.

Negotiation Mistakes:

The course also highlights some of the most common and detrimental mistakes that can be made during a critical negotiation point. Things such as trying to win (not a win-win scenario), procrastinating important conversations and negotiation points, caring too much about the outcome you are “fighting” for, and lacking perspective are mistakes that could end the conversation before a negotiation could even be started. Along with showcasing the things you shouldn’t do during an important conversation, it also replaces the bad with good attributes that will help you come out with a Win-Win (such as the PEACE model and many other examples).

PEACE Model:

One of the big takeaways from this course revolves around something called the PEACE Model. This model, when followed, will help you plan out and execute a successful negotiation in the workplace. PEACE stands for:

  • Prepare
  • Exchange Info
  • Advocate for Your Position
  • Compromise for a Win-Win
  • Enjoy the Moment

The course goes in-depth and gives examples of how applying each portion successfully will help you, and the person you are negotiating with, come out with a win.

Towards the end of the course there is a quiz that tests the knowledge of your audience. Whether in-class or online it allows you to effectively understand what your audience learned and what needs to be hammered home a few more times. So call in and start teaching your pupils how to make a deal with this awesome Soft Skills training! If you would like to see a live preview Click Here.

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