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Check out these awesome resources to learn more about becoming an Instructional Designer:

Breaking into Instructional Design
Our friend Connie, the eLearning Coach, has a great eCourse for people who want to learn more about Instructional Design and Technology. In her eCourse she answers questions like:

  • What type of work do Instructional Designers do?
  • What are the required competencies for this line of work?
  • Do I need a degree to be an Instructional Designer?

Click here to sign up today for Connie’s free eCourse.

Elearning Blueprint
eLearning can be exciting, challenging, and effective! Making a great course starts with great instructional design. Cathy Moore has created a tool to help you outline and storyboard your courses. It’s a visual approach to instructional design and walks you through each step. You get expert advice, examples, diagrams, and comments from other users.  Tons of tips, ideas, and advice…straight from an expert. Check out Elearning Blueprint.

Storyboard That
If you want to quickly and easily build storyboards, check out Storyboard That – The Easy Storyboard Creator. Storyboard That provides you with characters, scenes, text-boxes, and other widgets to build storyboards. There are also several example storyboards available to help jump start your creativity. The subscription price for this tool is very reasonable, and you can sign up for just one month or quarter at at time.

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