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PowerPoint Course Starter

Yeehaw! Lace up your boots and tighten your spurs! There’s mischief afoot in this here town, and as a lawman, you’ll need to earn your badge and do something about it.

When a citizen enters the sheriff’s office asking for help, the sheriff and deputy spring into action to solve the problem.


Being a lawman, a large part of your job is interfacing with the public. You must be diplomatic and listen carefully to everyone’s problems, prioritizing what requires your immediate action and what can be solved simply by allowing people to voice their concerns.

In this PowerPoint course starter, a woman meets with you to discuss a certain matter. You’ll need to answer her questions carefully so you can suss out the situation to make sure that her needs are met and you can fix the issue appropriately. If you solve the problem, you’ll earn your badge as deputy of this town.


This course starter is a great jumping-off point for anyone wanting to create a course with a rustic feel and a Wild West charm. With a handful of question and remediation slides, along with spaces to embed videos, activities, and games, Lawman is easily customizable.


If the poses or cutout characters shown don’t jive with what you’re going for, feel free to look at the hundreds of dynamic poses in our cutout people library. As with everything that comes in any of our libraries, you’ll have access to all the source files, so feel free to tinker!

What type of course would you build with Lawman? Share a fun idea in the comments!

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