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Knoodle recently announced a new release of their software that makes it more intuitive and easier to use. With the new release, “you get more done in less time”, and let’s face it…who doesn’t want to save time these days.

New updates include:

  • Redesigned content creation workflow
  • Reduction in the number of steps between uploading content and publishing presentations
  • Newly developed tools making synchronizing slides with the timeline and selected media easier
  • New drag and drop capabilities to change slide order
  • New intuitive UI that makes managing content, editing, and synchronizing easier than ever
  • New Preview function to preview work before publishing.

Check out their blog post, New Release: More Content, More Social, More Rapid, to learn more about these exciting new updates.


eLearning Brothers Teaming Up with Knoodle

eLearning Brothers is happy to announce we are teaming up with Knoodle to offer eLearning PowerPoint Templates and Cutout People Images. Using templates adds consistency to your eLearning courses and helps to speed up the design process.

Take a look at these templates that work great with Knoodle.

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