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For years, the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” has captured the world’s imagination, allowing the public to imagine the surreal experience of suddenly having unfathomable riches thrust upon themselves.

As far as gameshow concepts go, it’s pretty simple: Answer a number of trivia questions correctly to earn progressively larger amounts of money until you find yourself at a million dollars. Along the way, if you stumble on a question, you have 3 “lifelines” or hints that you can use to help yourself out of trouble.

We here at eLearning Brothers believe in using games in eLearning when appropriate. That’s why we have numerous templates that do just that. One of our popular Captivate game templates is Millionaire Challenge, a template influenced by the aforementioned game show.

Lately, we’ve made some efforts to reskin that template and made a few variations that fit within other Captivate themes, creating an eLearning experience that is both distinctive and cohesive.



The Clear theme is awash in blues, whites, and blacks. The geometric and simple designs are smooth and unobtrusive, allowing the smaller elements and actual content of the course to do the talking. The Millionaire template has more white than the other Clear templates, giving us a brighter and looser feel for the game.

millionaire finance

The Finance theme has the appearance of an official corporate document. What with it’s papery texture, large detailed watermark design, and money-like blues and greens, it’s hard to look more official, and the Millionaire template is no exception.


millionaire executive

Finally, the Executive theme, with a teal-washed color scheme, including the subtle backgrounds full of the grand imagery of Roman columns, suggesting power, prestige, and prosperity. As Brother Thomas said in a feature of the theme, it “suggests good businesses doing profitable work.” And just how much more profitable can you be than a Millionaire?

As a bonus, we’d like to introduce our new Crossword Puzzle template for Captivate. It’s intuitive and works exactly how you would think: follow the clues and fill in the words accordingly.

Screenshot 2016-04-13 16.52.46

Which of these tickled your fancy? Let us know what to talk about next in the comments!

You can find these and many other Captivate games in the Adobe Captivate Library.

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