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Anybody who has ever thumbed through a large filing cabinet can attest to the fact that things are much easier to navigate when you have tabs: those lovely protruding labels that allow you to quickly differentiate the mind-boggling mass of files and grasp only one at a time.

In a show of beautiful design, we have a large number of templates—especially for Lectora—that make use of digital tabs which allow you to turn one module into many different slides.

These tabbed interactions are major space savers and allow the learner to explore a wide swath of information while technically staying on the same page. Do you have an illustration or module that needs to stay in view while learners scroll through a few subtopics? Click-and-reveal tabbed interactions are very handy for that. Have you been given a lot of information to dispense to your learners, and not enough space to do it? Try a tabbed interaction!

Check out a few of our favorite click-and-reveal Lectora templates below.


Tab Interaction
The Vibe theme is cool purple and smooth as butter. The dark, rippling blues and purples, punctuated by clean white accents make for a template that is equal parts futuristic and elegant. You might apply it to technology-based courses, aquatic topics, and many others.

Tab Interaction2

Any guy who has ever worn a sweater vest knows it: ladies love argyle! This template utilizes the posh aesthetic of everyone’s favorite patterned socks and sweaters and applies a subtle weathering effect, giving us a beautiful mash-up of brains and brawn.


Tab Interaction3

The Cut template appears crystallized, the facets of an exquisite blue and green gem exposed and shining to our eyes. It’s playful, ultra modern, and above all easy to navigate, even for the least tech savvy of learners.

Did we miss any? Tell us your favorite Lectora interaction templates!

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