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Who doesn’t love a nice little timeline slider in their eLearning content? Well, maybe you don’t love the process of putting together a timeline slider. We won’t judge you for that. In fact, that’s why we include a timeline slider template in all of our Template Styles. Each Template Style is like a little family of layouts, interactions, quizzes, and more all designed to work together. We made sure to create flexible template styles for all sort of situations. If you think we’re missing one, give us a holler. (Not a 2 Dollar Holler tho—that’s only for conferences!)

Template Styles are available for all the major authoring tools. However, we rolled them out for Storyline first, so we’ll use a Storyline template for today’s tutorial.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the structure of our Timeline Slider Storyline template, and how to make a few edits to the file.


This is a single-slide, single-layer template. As the dragger at the bottom is moved across the screen, the content boxes change states to reveal text and dim once visited and no longer active.

We’ll need to use the States pane to edit this content.

  1. Select a content box
  2. Press Edit States
  3. Adjust text/styles as needed for each of the states

Editing an image is straightforward —right-click and select Change Picture. Try to use an image that’s proportionally similar.

The number of slider points on this template is fixed to 5. If you’d like to edit this, you’ll need to both remove the relevant objects and potentially adjust the triggers. Note the top 5 triggers in the Slide Triggers pane. These control the state changes for our content boxes. If you adjust the points at which these triggers occur, you can reposition your remaining elements and still keep in time with your slider.

Check out more videos on how to use our Template Styles on our Support site. Then, log into your account and start playing around with all the different Template Styles available!


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