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The Cutout People library is one of the most highly-used products we have and with good reason. Bringing in a human element as a host helps to draw attention to important points in your eLearning. They also facilitate conversation scenarios and allow you to create learning opportunities based on common experiences the learner may come across.

One of the more frequent requests we get on how we can improve our selection of cutouts is to include more ethnicities in our library collection. We agree that this is an excellent idea and decided to take it one step further. We wanted to specifically travel to some of these countries in order to find individuals to photograph and get a closer, more authentic feel for these cultures and people.

Over the last week or so, we’ve been adding over 20,000 brand new cutouts that come from these international photo shoots. We spent time in three countries (China, England, and Mexico) shooting over 6000 photos in each session. We wanted to take some time to highlight this new addition and encourage you to explore the many new faces available to you and your eLearning content!



With this first set, we traveled to Asia. From this trip, we were able to add over 6000 cutout images in 43 new series, including people of all age groups from children to more mature individuals. Welcome Fu, Mei, and Basia to the Cutout People library!

Fu 2

Click on the image to view Fu in the library!

Mei 2

Click on the image to view Mei in the library!


Click on the image to view Basia in the library!



The next set on this international journey takes us to western Europe. Here we have 46 new series to choose from, each with over 100 images each, resulting in over 6500 new cutouts that you can easily integrate into your courses. Come get familiar with Sophie, Andrei, and Chantel!


Click on the image to view Sophie in the library!

Andrei 2

Click on the image to view Andrei in the library!

Chantel 2

Click on the image to view Chantel in the library!



In this last set, we travel to Latin America. There are over 7500 new cutout images in this the largest addition to the Cutout People library, allowing you to choose from 48 new series. Take a closer look at Angel, Elia, and Kairy!

Angel 2

Click on the image to view Angel in the library!

Elia 3

Click on the image to view Elia in the library!


Click on the image to view Kairy in the library!

We hope to continue to expand our Cutout People Library offering into the future with more countries, cultures, and ethnicities. We also are looking into other ways that we can continue to provide better products and services to all of our faithful fans and customers. We appreciate your feedback and hope to continue to hear more from you about ways we can help your eLearning look and feel awesome!

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