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Looking for a quick way to add a game, interactive diagram, or clickable chart to your Camtasia project? Using an HTML 5 interface can create a dynamic learning experience that can be easier to build and be more intuitive for the user. Because an HTML 5 interface can improve your learning experience so much, integrating that into your Camtasia course can be an icing on the cake.

Currently, Camtasia Studio doesn’t offer an inline HTML 5 integration, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a well-built interaction in your Camtasia course.

In this video, I’ll walk you through how to use a hotspot to quickly integrate a clickable HTML 5 ladder diagram and then link back to the video from the HTML 5 interaction to the Camtasia production.


The HTML 5 interaction I used in the video was really easy to make using the eLearning Brothers Interaction Builder. Try them out by downloading a few free Interaction Templates. You can also view the completed and working project by clicking here. And if you’re interested, here’s a link to my project and assets.

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