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Do you have a Flash file that you’ve inserted into Articulate Presenter and it is doing “weird” things? Does it skip the first frame? Does it just keep playing and seem to ignore the stop actions?

We have many Articulate users that use our Flash Games and Interactions to build courses. I often get questions about how to make the Flash files work properly in Articulate. So I thought that I’d write a quick post that explains the proper settings.

If you have a Flash file that has buttons and navigation built into it (you want to users to click around) then you need these Articulate settings:

Click the Insert Flash button in Articulate and choose:

  • Advance to next slide: When user clicks next
  • Synchronization: Movie plays independently of slide

Important: Also make sure the flash file is ActionScript2. For now ActionScript3 will not work in Articulate.

For more questions/answers about our templates and Articulate skins please see our FAQ page.

Need Flash interactions for Articulate?


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