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Storyline 2 HTML5 Interaction

So you’ve spent a lot of time creating an amazing HTML5 interaction using our Interaction Builder and now you want to insert it into your Storyline 2 course. But how do you that?

That’s the very question we get quite often through our support emails, so we’ve created a quick video demonstrating the process.

Thanks in part to the HTML5 is quickly replacing Flash as the de facto standard for video and rich media web content, it is important that eLearning developers understand how to incorporate it into their courses.

Remember, it doesn’t really matter where the HTML5 interaction comes from; the process is the same. For this video, we started with an interaction created using our Interaction Builder.

There are videos on the support site that address how to use the tool to create a professional-looking interaction, so we don’t go into that. Basically, this video starts where the others leave off: you’ve got the interaction, now you need to get it into your eLearning course.

Take a look at the video by clicking the link below.

There is one important thing to remember: web objects ALWAYS sit at the highest layer (see this article for more information), so if you place a button on a slide and want it on top of the web object, it won’t work. It may seem to work just fine until you publish the course and then the button will disappear or not be active.


The only way we’ve found to have a button and a web object on the same slide is to resize the web object and move it off of the button. That way the button can still be active.

That’s it. Fairly straightforward. Now go forth and create your amazing HTML5 web objects! If you need some assistance with that, check out the Interaction Builder on our website.

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