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Top-Lectora-Feature-Inpost We’ve added a large number of Lectora templates to the eLearning Template Library in recent months. Most of them have been Lectora template interactions. If you are new to template interactions, they help you engage the learner to get their brain thinking and have them click to make decisions. I like to explain it this way–rather having the learner experience eLearning from a “lean-back course,” use template interactions to make it more of a “learn-forward course.”

Here’s what is great about Lectora templates, the design and development is basically all done for you. Put in your content, change your color schemes, and even change the code. These templates are build natively in Lectora so you have the source files (.awt). All you need is the Lectora software to start building your course with awesome interactions.

Because of all these new Lectora templates, we decided we should show your the most interactive and top downloaded Lectora templates:

#1 Horizontal Accordion Lectora Template

lectora template

#2 Tabs Intro Top Lectora Template

#3 Interactive Pyramid Lectora Template

lectora templates

#4 Interactive Table Lectora Template

lectora templates

#5 Tabs 1 Lectora Template

#6 Tabs 2 Lectora Template

Lectora Templates

#7 Tabs Intro Center Lectora Template

#8 Tabs Intro Right Lectora Template

#9 Tabs Thin Right Lectora Template

#10 Targets Left Lectora Template

#11 Timeline Lectora Template

#12 Squares Bottom Lectora Template

Infographic of the Most Interactive Lectora Templates


If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for with Lectora, the eLearning Template library also has an extensive collection of HTML5  eLearning activies and interactions, which can always be appended to Lectora files.

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