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lectora course starters

The old adage “time is money” definitely still rings true in this day and age. The corporate wheel keeps on turning as we try to discover the best ways to spend all of our time and save money at every step along the way. Our Lectora course starters are the perfect business tool to help you get a large amount of work out of the way, so you can focus on making your content look just right from the beginning. These three course starter templates are easily some of the most popular that we provide, lending a more polished look to your eLearning.

Corporate 01

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The Corporate 01 course starter takes a standard approach to a business layout. This template will help to bring a formal feel to your content with our cutout host, Samantha, to lead you all the way through. This course starter comes with 5 different layout slides for your content, an objective slide, two tabbed interactions, and the Big Business game that you can use as a quiz.

Corporate 02

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Need to add a little more brightness to your content? The Corporate 02 course starter takes the best parts of business casual and infuses it into your content. Take our cutout host, Klein, for example. He’s a very stylish kind of guy that will help to put your learners at ease, guiding them through the different content slides and tabbed interactions provided with the template.

Corporate 03

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The Corporate 03 course starter infuses your eLearning content with a more fun, modern feel that takes advantage of different work environments and office spaces. Maybe the workforce seems to get even younger every year, but our cutout host, Beckham, can still teach you a thing or two! In addition to the usual content slides you might be accustomed to find in our course starters, this particular one also adds the Millionaire game to use as a knowledge check to make sure that they’re accomplishing the objectives you’ve set out to teach.

Not only are these templates easy to use, but they’re also fully customizable. Change colors, text, backgrounds, or hosts to best match the message of your brand. And the best part? Each one of these templates and cutouts are included in Lectora Inspire! You can log in through the authoring tool and start downloading these templates (and many others!) right away. Start browsing through this and the other great Lectora Inspire tools today!

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