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Have you built a lot of courses in Articulate Presenter? Have you been wondering how easy it is to import those into Articulate’s new Storyline software?

Well…I was assuming that it would work well since they are both developed by the same company but I wanted to give it a “real” test.

My Test
Here is what I did:

  1. Open Storyline and chose Import PowerPoint from the main splash page.
  2. I then selected the .pptx file for an Articulate Presenter course that I had previously built.
  3. Then I chose to import all of the slides.
  4. That’s it! Storyline did the rest.

Now let’s look at each part/setting of my Articulate Presenter course and see how it converted. Here is a list of what I had built into my Presenter course and what transferred when I imported into Storyline:

Slide Masters
Storyline remembered all of the slide masters and still let me access all of the individual parts. Just go to View / Slide Master and edit them like you would in PPT.

I had Fly In/Out and Fade In/Out animations in the PPT. All of these animations transferred and I could still edit them. My PPT animations that we .05 seconds got a “Fast” setting and my 1 second animations were “Slow”.

All objects retain their color and you can still edit them.

Drawn objects / text boxes
You can still edit all objects and text boxes.

All images, text, and objects remained in their correct positions.

Imported .flv videos
My videos still worked fine.

Engage interactions
My inserted Engage interaction transferred just fine. However the setting to “only show the Next Slide button after viewing all of content” did not transfer.

Custom Articulate Skin
Storyline doesn’t support custom skins so I couldn’t transfer that part.

Slide properties

  • Hidden slides – retained my hidden slides
  • Slide titles – retained the titles
  • Branching – retained the branching. It also realized that I had a slide that I didn’t link to anymore and placed it off to the side.
  • Advance settings – retained those settings
  • Slide levels – retained those settings

You can compare these 2 images to see my Slide Properties in Presenter and what the menu looks like in Storyline. Notice the that the slide titles and levels transferred. Also notice that slide 3 is hidden in the menu.

Sample Courses
You can compare our test courses here:
Articulate Presenter Course
Storyline Course

Overall Test Results
Storyline did an AWESOME job! It’s a very easy process to move your Presenter courses to Storyline.
In fact a lot of the Storyline interface is exactly the same as PPT 2010 and makes it easy to switch over.


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