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Articulate Storyline

If you have used Articulate Storyline for a while, and then upgraded to Storyline 2 you may or may not have explored or used all the new features. It’s so easy to get comfortable with all the awesome things you have been doing in Storyline; that now have been streamlined in Storyline 2 that you fail to try out any of the new Storyline 2 features. This includes everything you can do with the new and improved built-in sliders tool. Storyline 2 has made sliders simple to use and easy to integrate into almost any of your projects. You can utilize sliders for almost any purpose. You can use them for navigation, photo carousels, calculations, user interaction opportunities and scrolling photo panels.

So what is the best way to experiment with sliders? You can start by adding them to your Storyline stage and experimenting with how they work. To do this, you will use the “Insert” ribbon at the top of your screen and select the “Controls” drop down.

You will notice there are three pre-built sliders to choose from.

Simply select one of the slider options and add the slider to your stage. You can then experiment by adding various variables and functions (updates) via the “Slider Design” ribbon at the top of your screen.

The “Slider Tools” ribbon makes controlling a slider’s actions easy and intuitive with its built-in design and formatting tools. You can format how your sliders function with the “Slider Design” ribbon.

The “Slider Format” ribbon allows you to change the look and feel of your slider or you can always customize your slider further with your own images. Simply select “Thumb Fill” or “Track Fill” and choose the picture option to add your own images.

After you have experimented with adding a slider to your test stage and assigning various variables you can review how the slider functions. I would recommend reviewing and downloading examples from the Storyline Community, and try your hand at replicating these examples. In no time, you will become a “slider expert” and you will be ready to use them in all of your eLearning masterpieces!

What do you love about sliders in Articulate Storyline 2? Share your comments below.

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