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This beginners tutorial will show how to sync your photos to your audio in Adobe Captivate. This is the second of part of the series. The next post is the third part of the series that will show you how to add text animation.

I recommend if you have any audio clips try to sync photos in your eLearning project. It’s simple and easy. Also, fun to do.

I found an audio clip that talks about relationships and a few photos of a guy and a girl.  I would prefer to use a cutout people but these photos will work just fine.


Upload Your Audio and Photos 

If you missed the first part of this series, “How to Create Action with Cutout People,” you missed a great tip on drag and dropping your photos to resize them as a group rather than individually. Without going to much into how to import photos, lets get into how to upload and import audio.

Click the folder icon to find your audio file. (One thing I really like is Captivate puts your audio in a folder for you.)


From here, click “import.


A pop up scree will appear. Just click the “Show the slide for the same amount of time as the length of the audio file.”


Work with Photos in Your Timeline

Once your photos and audio are placed on the timeline, most of your time will be spent in the timeline.

Click the space bar to play your audio. You will see a red line that will go across your screen. Press the space bar again and you will pause the audio. This is how your navigate through the audio to know where to place your photos. When you hear a section in the audio that will sync good with a photo just left click the photo clip on the timeline and drag it to where you need it on the timeline.


I tweaked my photos in this project for about 10 minutes to get it just the way I liked it. Also, I suggest grouping your photos two at a time because two photos will be showing on your slide at any given time. Here is an example below:

View the Final Product

Now the photos are synced to the audio here is a simple example of what it should look like.

Stay tuned for the next post about “How to Add Text Animation in Adobe Captivate.”
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