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In this video tutorial I’m going to show you how to resize Edge Animate interactions from the eLearning Template Library to match the kinds of devices you are targeting. Part of the trouble is there are TONS of different devices all having their own screen sizes. So you may want to pick a size from the list below. You can also follow using the same Edge Animate Interaction here.

Depending on what devices you want to target, you may need to resize one of our Edge Animate templates to fit the perfect size. The nice thing is you don’t have to do this in CSS or any other coding languages. Edge Animate is a simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment that allows you to directly position your content within Edge and even change the settings to automatically resize to whatever screen size. I find it best to pick a range of sizes you want to target for each interaction as you build. Also, you may be restricted by the authoring tool you are using.

To see how I resize an Edge Animate template watch the video below:

(Go to the following YouTube link if you are having difficulty watching the video.)

Lastly, for reference purposes I have compiled a list of common devices screen sizes.

iOS Screen Dimensions

• iPad Safari Widescreen (1024 x 690)

• iPad Safari Portrait (768 x 946)

• iPad Retina Safari Widescreen (2048 x 1380)

• iPad Retina Safari Portrait (1536 x 1892)

• iPad Full Widescreen (1024 x 768)

• iPad Full Portrait (768 x 1024)

• iPad Retina Full Widescreen (2048 x 1536)

• iPad Retina Full Portrait (1536 x 2048)

• iPhone Safari Widescreen (450 x 236)

• iPhone Safari Portrait (320 x 396)

• iPhone Retina Safari Widescreen (960 x 416)

• iPhone Retina Safari Portrait (640 x 716)

• iPhone 5 Retina Safari Widescreen (1136 x 416)

• iPhone 5 Retina Safari Portrait (640 x 888)

• iPhone Full Widescreen (480 x 320)

• iPhone Full Portrait (320 x 480)

• iPhone Retina Full Widescreen (640 x 716)

• iPhone Retina Full Portrait (320 x 480)

• iPhone 5 Retina Full Widescreen (1136 x 640)

• iPhone 5 Retina Full Portrait (640 x 1136)

Android Device Screen Dimensions

Here is a more popular list of Android phones and tablets here.

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