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Look, I don’t want to tell you how to rock, but since you asked—for the purpose of this blog, let’s assume that you did indeed ask—here are a few pointers as tried and tested by your eLB friends.



Set the Scene


First, if you’re planning on partying like a rockstar this summer, don’t take the easy route and retreat inside to some air-conditioned location! Embrace the season! For instance, this year, eLearning Brothers took to a beautiful new park in a neighboring Utah community to hold our annual bash. Nestled between pickleball courts, a beautiful new top-notch playground for the eLB kiddos, and an expansive splash pad, we were set for a great evening. The sun soon lowered and so did the temperature, resulting in the perfect night for just such a party.


Offer Munchies

Also, you’ll obviously want to have some great food to bring everyone together. The marketing team fired up the grills just prior to everyone arriving to the park and had burgers, dogs, and brats ready for a hungry tribe of eLearning folk. Everyone brought side dishes and drinks to round things out, and soon, the party was in full swing!

Your rockstar kids, if they’re anything like ours, may have to be coerced a bit to abandon a splash pad and top tier playground to down a plate of party grub, but they can head right back to their fun attractions after a few bites.


Just Relax

The best part of any party is enjoying your fellow rockstars and getting to know each other outside of work, plus getting to meet families and loved ones. Nothing was more central to the eLearning Brothers Company Summer Party than this. Getting to enjoy the company of each other, along with families and friends, was the highlight of the night.


Don’t Forget the Swag

You will, of course, want to be a generous rockstar and provide something nice for your guests, and with this in mind, eLB provided slick looking summer party shirts for everyone, both employees and family/friends. Soon, the crowd was thoroughly decked out in the new gear and ready to move on to Pickleball, 9-Square, Spike Ball, and unanticipated, non-predetermined staring contests over the dessert table.

We all know that as eLearning Rockstars, you’re working hard a lot of the time, but don’t forget to play and party hard, too. You’ve gotta have that balance, am I right? (Don’t bother to answer. I know I’m right.) All in all, the summer rockstar party for eLB was a smashing success. It’s a milestone in our summer each year and this year’s shindig did a great job of carrying on tradition and building the team closer together.

Hopefully, this step-by-step party tutorial can help you to party harder and better this summer in all the ways that make for living your summer to the fullest!


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