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Lectora Templates

In this tutorial, I’m going teach you how to use Lectora Templates to brand your course. Having editing control with your template is important so you can create the right style for your company or organization.

Let’s get started, shall we?

A lot of our templates already have a look and feel. Some of them have a generic grey background and blue buttons. I am going to go into my Lectora 11 software and show you how to change these templates for branding purposes. Keep in mind, these colors for our templates are the intended final product for your course. We want you to change freely and develop these template interactions however you want.

Once you download the Lectora Template your choosing (you must purchase an eLearning Template Library subscription), you will see files like this.

Watch the rest of this Lectora tutorial on YouTube.

How to Optimize Your Lectora Templates for Branding

Click here to watch on YouTube.


If you don’t have an eLearning Template Library subscription, click the button below to see more Lectora Templates.

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