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Merge Your Captivate Projects

Let’s discuss how to merge your Adobe Captivate course, or in other words, adding several courses into one mega awesome super-course!

This idea is basically aggregating previously designed Captivate courses and adding them to the Table of Contents (TOC), so works as one course. Aggregating courses into one project in Captivate has several benefits for the learner:

  • links to all or specific topics in the TOC
  • ability to control and view desired topics in the TOC
  • experience more content (because you created an awesome super-course)

This post will take you through the process of creating a simple TOC using SWF files. The TOC SWF files are the courses/topics of your choosing. Below is how to merge your Captivate projects into one course:

1. Create captivate SWF files for each topic and place in the same folder.  My topics include: Objectives, Warm up, Module 1, Module 2, and Quiz.

2. Create a New Aggregator Project in Captivate.  File> New Project> Aggregator Project.

Merge Your Captivate Projects

3.  Add SWFs to the Aggregator Project


4.  Set up TOC

In order for the TOC to show by default on the compiled file, you need to set a file as the Master Movie.  In my example I chose Objectives.swf.  Select the Objectives.swf file and click “Set as Master Movie”.  Captivate will take the TOC settings from that particular file and apply it to the Aggregator Project.  Finally, make sure to recheck the show box for Objectives.swf.

Merge Your Captivate Projects

6.  Save and name the project

Merge Your Captivate Projects

7.  Publish the file into SWF format exported to HTML

Merge Your Captivate Projects

8. Final aggregator project with the TOC showing by default

Merge Your Captivate Projects

As you can see, the TOC and aggregator empowers learners to navigate through content, track their progress, and learn at their own pace. Instructional designers should use the aggregator to combine multiple content modules into a single eLearning course. Enjoy!

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