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eLearning Cutout People

I’m going to show you how to use our eLearning Cutout People Videos in Adobe Captivate 8. With Captivate 8, it allows you to make two types of projects, blank projects or responsive projects. By the end of this tutorial, you’re going to know how to use our eLearning Cutout People Videos, how to insert other types of videos, and how to make good video decisions in your next Captivate 8 course. For anyone using videos in the new Captivate 8, I recommend you understand how videos work with the new responsive features. So, let’s get started.

Again, one way to insert video is creating a blank project or the other is a responsive project. I am going to show you how to do both of these projects. The blank we are going to the flash player publish settings. For responsive projects, we are going to us the HTML 5 compatible format. We also are going to a Melanie from the eLearning Template Library.

Insert eLearning Cutout People Videos into a Blank Project

Upload .FLV file formats to have transparent backgrounds. Here is the thing with desktop learning, always upload .FLV file formats for video because .FLV files support transparent backgrounds. It’s not the same for responsive projects because .FLV files won’t have a transparent background. Just think, Blank projects have transparent backgrounds when you use .FLV files and responsive projects don’t have transparent backgrounds, but are responsive when you use .MP4 files.

Insert eLearning Cutout People Videos into a Responsive Project

In responsive projects you want to upload .MP4 files to work with responsive design. These files only have a white background. This is the game you play with responsive video. Now, if you design your course for responsive, just plan ahead knowing you are going to have a white background in mobile, not a transparent background.

Check out the video below to learn how to create awesome eLearning Cutout People Videos:

Insert Video Cutouts into Captivate 8

(Watch the video on YouTube.)


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