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In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to import a Flash Game Templates into Articulate Storyline. I know what you are thinking, “Why Flash?” Remember, people are still using Flash and it can be a powerful eLearning option.

How to Get Started

First,  go to the eLearning Template Library. You must be a member to download Flash games. If you aren’t a member, but want to see how awesome our templates  work, then become a Free eLearning Templates Library member. 

In the Template Library, you’ll quickly notice that our Flash games have two download options—Actions Script 2 and Action Script 3. So, with Articulate Storyline you can only import Action Script 3.

For more information, watch the video tutorial below. Enjoy!


Video on How to Import Flash into Articulate Storyline

View video on YouTube.


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