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If you are like most people upgrading to Adobe Captivate 8, you’ve seen the hide objects icon has moved. Do you really know where it is though?

Don’t worry, if you don’t know where to look for this feature we have you covered. By clicking any object in your course, (or any object in your timeline), in the top right of Captivate you will reveal, the Properties and Timing tabs. Click the Properties tab and you will see an “eyeball” icon. Click the “eyeball” icon and the object becomes hidden. If you wish to see the object in your course, press the “eyeball” again to reveal it.

Again, if you don’t know where this icon button is, you could get frustrated with hiding and revealing your objects.

Bonus Adobe Captivate 8 Tip

If for some reason or another the timing tab (next to the properties tab) is missing, there is a simple trick to get around it. I was searching for the same answer in the Adobe Captivate Community and came across this simple video explaining what you can do to reveal the timing tab if it is not visible. Hope this tip helps in your Adobe Captivate 8 endeavors.

(Watch video on YouTube)


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