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Guest Blog Post by Mikhail Kokarev from iSpring.

In this post, I would like to share with you a joint effort of eLearning Brothers and iSpring. It’s the Character Collections in iSpring Suite 7. Characters allow users to create the illusion of face-to-face contact. Such an effect will vastly improve any course.

You can add characters from the library built into the iSpring Suite eLearning toolkit, import extra character packages from the eLearning Brothers, or create your own character.

Add a Character From the Library

If you are using PowerPoint to work on your course, you can easily add an image of a character in a specific pose with iSpring Suite 7. Just click the Character button on the iSpring Suite toolbar.

Choose an actor for a slide in your course and select the pose you like. Use the convenient search function to find a character and pose more quickly. After clicking Insert, it will be added to the PowerPoint slide.

All images come with a transparency mask so you can put a character in front of any picture or background and preserve the silhouette flow.

Whenever you need to change the pose, select the image on a slide and click the Character button again to bring up the library.

Get More Cutout People Images From the Store

The vast universe of templates available from the eLearning Brothers Library contains plenty of characters in numerous poses that can be easily converted to iSpring-ready character packages. When you subscribe to an account on the eLearning Brothers website, these images can be accessed via Template Library -> Cutout People.

This template category features such a wide variety of image groups that many actors are available to fit any specific function your course may have — as if they were created just for that purpose. Here are the groups of cutout people images grouped into categories that can be found on the eLearning Templates website:

  • Athletic
  • Business
  • Industrial
  • Students
  • Children
  • Casual
  • Customer Service
  • Medical

All these cutout images and many more (e.g., eLearning stock photos, cartoons, PowerPoint scenarios and sample sounds) will be available all at once! Subscribe to the whole world of eLearning templates and use them in your courses. It’s totally worth it.

Create Your Own Character

Already have pictures that you want to use in your courses? It’s time to add them to the iSpring Character Library! Create a new character with the iSpring Character Wizard in a few moments and use it in any of your courses. And yes, it’s 100% free.

The whole process is clear-cut and straightforward. Just follow these instructions:

1. Open the iSpring Character Wizard, select Create a new character and click Next to proceed.

2. It’s time to add a new hero who will perform wonders in your eLearning courses:

3. Add some cute descriptions with memorable keywords that will help you find a specific image later amongst all the other characters and their poses.

4. Optimize image quality, if needed, and choose a destination to save the character package file. Then run this file to install the character, and it will be automatically added to the iSpring Character Wizard.

5. Here comes the hero. Right in your PowerPoint learning course:

From now on, the character you’ve just added will be at your fingertips in the iSpring Character Library along with the other default characters.

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