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How To Create eLearning

In order for eLearning to have any sort of success, it needs to be a memorable experience. If the message goes in one ear and directly out the other, the experience has failed, and the learner leaves the room having gained nothing.

Here are four ways to make sure your courses are worth their time and get them to actually take root in their minds.

Dare to Be Different

different dog

When the brain is presented with information in the same way over and over, it can become effectively immunized against that style of presented material, eventually getting scrapped because it didn’t make a distinct or lasting impression on the brain. Do what you can to make sure your visuals look like they belong together but also stand out enough to make an impact on their own.



The brain responds to vibrance and evocative color schemes. Be aware of the underlying emotions your subject matter intends to convey and adjust your color scheme accordingly.


Repetition (See what I did there?)


Attack concepts from multiple angles and try to explore every aspect of a point without getting too verbose. When the brain is given information more than once, and in multiple contexts, that information is tied to multiple areas of the brain, creating a firmer anchor in one’s memory.

Use It or Lose It

lost keys

Learners need to apply the facts and skills they’ve learned in order to fully realize the scope of their new knowledge. That’s why eLearning games are so effective. A potentially abstract concept is given more concreteness by allowing the learner to get their hands dirty with some real experience.

If you have any other ideas how to create eLearning that sticks, please let us know in the comments below. We would love to add them to the list!

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