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I ran across the great article on Work Memory.

This is an interesting topic for eLearning designers because we are typically trying to “cram” tons of information into someone’s head in less than 30 mins.

There are great tips in the article that could help us build better training. The ones that jumped out to me were:

  • Working memory is characterized by a small capacity. It can hold around four elements of new information at one time. (We really need to do a good job distilling our content into small chunks.)
  • The capacity of working memory depends on the category of the elements or chunks. (Check out Smaller Chunks are Easier to Digest)
  • Unless it is actively attended to or rehearsed, information in working memory has a short duration of around 20 seconds. (This brings home the need that somehow the learner needs to put the new knowledge to use right away.)

Thanks to Connie over at The eLearning Coach.

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