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eLearning Expert

Have you ever felt like such an expert at your job that coworkers think you can do anything? Maybe you don’t exactly feel this way but you know someone who says they are an expert. They don’t have as much glory as you think. Being an eLearning expert sounds appealing but it comes with advantages and disadvantages.

The eLearning Expert

By watching this comical 7-minute video, you will see what I mean. Though this video was not made for eLearning, you might feel like expert in your own eLearning profession. I promise this video will be worth watching. I hope you see the humor and the application in this video as well. Make sure to watch until the very end. Enjoy!

(Watch video on YouTube.)


Do you want to become an eLearning expert but without the seven red lines, two with red ink and two with green, and the rest with transparent ink? Subscribe to the eLearning Template Library

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