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This summer I had the opportunity to go skydiving for the first time ever. As I jumped out of the airplane at 15,000 feet, I got an awesome view of the earth below me. It was an incredible experience being above clouds and feeling the wind in my face at 120 mph. Once my tandem instructor popped the chute I was amazed at the depth of detail I could see below me and how it all fit together. I had a great overall perspective of the landscape and where I was heading.

Instructional Design Perspective

My first sky diving experience.

Have you ever begun your instructional design and had a brain freeze? You’ve gathered all your content. You’ve met with the client and listened carefully to what they want and are looking for in developing a fantastic eLearning module. You’ve completed a thorough analysis and developed a design document that will guide a developer in making a great module for the client’s learners. You are ready to put it all together.

And you’re stuck. Your brain has all this content and now everything seems like a big mixed up puzzle. We’ve all been there. Deadlines are pressing and people press for progress updates. It’s easy to get lost in all the detail. At that point it’s easy to play it safe with your design.

But we don’t want to play it safe! Take a step back and look again at the overall objective, the big picture. What are you really trying to accomplish? If the objective is to teach the learner with great interactions, focus on that. If the object is to lead the learner with a scenario based path, focus on that.


Take an Instructional Design Perspective

Think of your course as a sky diving adventure. When you are at 15,000 feet over your project, enjoy the view as the details come together. Trust yourself. With an instructional design perspective you might see how a click and reveal here will lead to a great puzzle interaction over there. Looking at the overall view of the course will help you see how all the different pieces fit together to make a fantastic learning experience. Don’t be afraid to take that leap to make truly awesome design!

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