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Use Captivate 8? Need to quicken your development time? Want to learn industry secrets? You are in the right place. The new update to Captivate 8 has everyone looking to maximize their efficiency with its new features. The great thing is we don’t have just one solution, two solutions, but we have three solutions to optimize your Captivate 8 software! This post is about how these tools will take your Captivate 8 to the next level. Lets take a look:

 1. The Full ROCKSTAR Package

Get the most amazing Captivate 8 Training. This package gets you the only place on the planet to get all three Captivate 8 resource Training, Templates (free), and a book (free). Price: $995

 2. The Rock n’ Rollin’ Templates Package

The greatest Captivate 8 Templates in the universe, and they are mobile responsive. Your boss is going to love you! Templates and a book (free). Price: $499

3. The Rock-a-bye Book

Get the greatest Captivate 8 Book on the planet… even before it is available on Amazon. Book takes 7-10 business days to ship. Price: $29.99

How Do These Work Together?

You may be wondering, how does this work together. He is an explanation:

Online Training – Get this Lodestone package to elevate your Captivate 8 skills, and you’ll become a Rock Star in no time. Classes range from fundamentals to the most advanced Captivate 8 classes. There is even a class dedicated only to the new responsive design. It’s awesome! Click here for the Captivate 8 course list. You can know everything about tool, but you are going to need templates to speed up your development time.

Template Library – This package is for the die hard Captivate 8 rocker. Even if you are an eLearning newbie or if you are a pro, a Template Library subscription is going save precious development time. Do you really want to do the same thing from scratch? You’ll love the games, interactions, cutout people, and scenarios that will make your life easier. Plus, we got Responsive Captivate 8 Templates. Templates help you to put into action what you learned in your online training. It’s hard to use templates when you can’t even use a template. Now, you just need to keep your skills sharp, like a book.

Captivate 8 Book – Create by the E-learning Uncovered series, this book is what everyone wants to get up to date with the new features, tips, and tricks of Captivate 8. Diane Elkins, dives into the advanced topics, but even makes complex ideas very simple to understand. The book is what helps refine and polish your training and templates packages.

We recommend you elevate your Captivate 8 with Lodestone training, speed up your development with a Template Library subscription, and keep refining your Captivate 8 skills with the book. All three will dramatically help you be an eLearning Rockstar!

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