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Storyline Variable Text

Honey, I Shrunk the StoryLine Variable Text!

It was an experiment gone bad!

Pic 1

A recent StoryLine project required that several journal entries be recorded as variables, and then displayed in a lightbox popup. Creating a textbox populated by the variable name, flanked by “%” signs, imports the variable text when viewing the course.

Pic 2

That’s when it happened; StoryLine fits all the variable text into the text box by shrinking the font size. I had shrunk the variable text!

Pic 3

Pic 4

This was bad, very bad. The first thing I tried was the textbox formatting. Selecting the textbox and right clicking brings up a contextual menu. I selected the bottom entry “Format Shape,” and checked the “Do not Autofit,” and “Wrap text in shape” options.  I also set the textbox height to be bigger.

Pic 5

This was better, but it’s impossible to know how much text height will be needed; the more text, the smaller the font! The solution was to place all the journal entry variables in the same textbox, and place that inside a scrolling panel. 

Setting the height of the textbox to “9999” (the largest number SL will accept), provided plenty of space for text overruns. Now the journal entry text is back to normal size and displayed in a scrollable frame.

Pic 6

Disaster averted! I wonder what the sequel will be: “Honey, I Blew Up the Question Bank?” If you have any experience making similar fixes to an Articulate Storyline template, let us know in the comments, we would love to see them!

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