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Since the first automobile rolled off the lot, something about these powerful machines has captured the human imagination in a very visceral way. Though in modern times we take them for granted, cars do more than just getting us from Point A to Point B. They allow us an autonomy and ease of transport that is unprecedented in all of human history.

To celebrate the advances of modern technology, today we’d like to feature a few of our favorite car-themed Storyline templates.

Diagram Drag and Drop


This simple drag and drop interaction allows learners to place the different labels to the appropriate parts of the car pictured above. If that’s not enough of a challenge for you, have no fear; as always, this template is completely customizable, meaning you can swap out the image and corresponding labels for some of your own to give your learners a more complicated query to chew on.

Gridlock Game


At its essence, Gridlock is a quiz game. Learners are presented a with series of multiple choice questions, each correct answer advancing them to the next checkpoint on a path of errands through a sprawling cityscape. If they make it to the end of their journey, they succeed. See how far you can make it down the trail.



This popular game puts the learner in the driver seat of a muscle car involved in a high speed chase. But beware: this road is littered with obstacles. As each roadblock rushes up to meet them, learners must answer a multiple choice question. If the answer is wrong, they’ll crash through the obstacle, damaging their car. If this occurs three times, the car is totaled and the learner is busted! Correct answers result in a successful dodge of any roadblocks, allowing learners to coast onward to freedom.

Do these templates get your engine revving? Let us know in the comments how you would use them in a course. Find them and other great templates in the Storyline Template Library.

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